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Dianna Lewis
BEST MASSAGE IN TOWN! I have been getting massages from Tiffany for over 6 years. I won't even consider going any where else. She is the best. Try her HOT STONE massage. You will love it!
Tiffany is simply FANTASTIC! I love massages and I have treated myself many times with really good massages, but what Tiffany does is great. She is a true angel. Thanks Tiffany! You gave me an amazing massage. My body and my mind are really grateful. I strongly recommend her.
Fabulous! Tiffany is amazing - every massage I get is different and all of them are incredible. . . she intuitively knows what I need. Thank you!
Sierra Mercer
Total Bliss I did my research and found great reviews on Tiffany! I came in first for a prenatal massage and came back recently for a deep tissue massage! I found someone who I will come to regularly! It is truly hard to find a therapist around this area who has the touch! She is a amazing therapist and I would refer her to everyone! Next I will try the hot stone massage!
Another amazing massage! I had a massage from Tiffany on the 21st of December - it was absolutely incredible. I felt like I had received a 2 hour massage but it was only 90 minutes. Ninety minutes of pure heaven ~ Tiffany is wonderful! Fabulous! Run, don't walk - schedule an appointment if you want to feel a million times more peaceful and relaxed.
Beyond Amazing! Another wonderful massage by Tiffany - and we tried the fascia blaster and holy cow! What a difference and to incorporate that into the regular massage was just fabulous. I can't say enough about how much better I feel after each and every massage. Tiffany is magic!
Becky delgadi
Tiffany is amazing!!! I cannot say enough about Tiffany! She is so in tune to my needs and I leave feeling incredibly relaxed yet rejuvenated! I would love to give her 10 stars but they only have 5 to select! Thank you so much Tiffany!!!!!
Liz R

Tiffany is amazing. She is warm, friendly and very knowledgeable. I have been getting a massage from her once a month since November and am never disappointed. The spa is so relaxing and peaceful, it is a pleasure to visit. I highly recommend Tiffany.

Zoya T.
I have been to Harmony many times for massages with Tiffany.  The spa is beautiful, elegant, and calming.  I love it here.  I love how positive and wonderful Tiffany is to work with. I have had different types of massages from her, but my favorite is the hot stone.  It is so relaxing and helpful for my tired, sore muscles.

I have a very physical job with a lot of lifting and moving.  I also like to work out a lot and run long distance.  Tiffany has been there whenever I need her to relieve me of work related pain, and also provide post marathon restorative massage.

I also bring my teenage daughters to see her for hot stone massages.  They love her and her spa as well.  If I could afford a massage from Tiffany every week I wouldn't hesitate.  She is amazing, and her massages are the best.
Angie G.
I had the great fortune of being given a massage as a gift before my baby was born. At the time, I was 38 weeks pregnant, hot, uncomfortable, and ready! Tiffany knew exactly where I was sore, where I was carrying my tension and she knew the right pressure I wanted and needed without me having to tell her. For two hours I was in bliss. She is truly a professional, from the ambiance in her spa to her calm and gentle demeanor to her knowledge of anatomy and her intuition to where we need healing. I highly recommend her. Especially if you are pregnant!
George K.
Tiffany is fantastic! I have had several massages of different varieties from Tiffany and I can honestly say that Tiffany is an expert masseuse. Her spa is elegant and professional and the atmosphere seeps relax. I came out of my massage both relaxed and invigorated and will certainly return for more soon. Try Tiffany. You won't be disappointed.
Dianna L.
One of the Best massages I have had...especially the hot stone massage.
So relaxing... Tiffany is very sweet and friendly.I will definitely be going back
for more!

I have been to many massage therapists over the years and I must say,Tiffany is exceptional! She has not only an intuitive ability to find the problem areas, but the talent to work the area to help alleviate the pain. She asks questions before she begins and listens to the answers, a trait not often found but certainly one that helps her to help you! Whether she uses the hot stones or not it's an awesome massage and I highly recommend you go see Tiffany the next time you need a massage.

Amber B

I went to Tiffany through the end of my pregnancy. I had never had pregnancy massage before and wanted to treat myself as this would be my 6th and final baby. I have never felt so wonderful. Every time when she was done I didn't want to get off the table. And it wasn't just the amazing expertise of the massage. I felt like we had formed a friendship as well. She always wanted to know how things in my life were going and the particular stresses of my situation since my husband is deployed and I was doing things by myself. She would always ask what needed the most attention and always knew what essential oils to use in order to correct things that I was complaining about.
She is not just a masseuse, she is a healer and I would highly recommend her to anyone!

Erika B

Holy cow. Tiffany is amazing. I feel so relaxed and great. She said its called being massage drunk. So cool. I am so grateful to have such wonderful and caring people around me. Please call Tiffany for your next message. She is amazing and really takes the time to know You.

September H
Tiffany truly cares about you as a client. For 2 years I could not turn my neck very far to the left (making driving difficult) or raise my left arm above my shoulder. Then I got a massage with Tiffany - WOW!! She did a technique I wasn't familiar with called "unwinding"=for the first time in 2 yrs I can move my head & arm without pain! Which is awesome as I'm also a massage therapist and the pain limited my ability to work. Tiffany is an amazing healer!!
Sarah P.
Tiffany is an amazing massage therapist.  I've had Hot Stone Massage, Therapeutic Massage and Cranial Sacral Therapy from her at different times and always walk away feeling relaxed and destressed.  As a massage therapist myself, there are things that I look for when I get a massage, listening to my explanation of my trouble areas, attention given to those trouble areas and the ability to make me turn off the therapist part of the brain and just relax and enjoy the massage.  Tiffany always delivers and I am grateful!